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Pottawattamie County has a smart, productive workforce with a strong Midwest work ethic and an outstanding community college offering an array of workforce education and training programs. Our workforce is a leading edge asset that can give your business the edge on the competition.


Western Iowa Development Association in collaboration with Iowa Workforce Development conducted an analysis of the laborshed in the spring of 2008. The analysis documented a total potential labor force based on the laborshed area of 63,156 with a total of 15,700 willing to change or enter employment. The study also documented the high education level of the workers in the area—75% of the respondents had some level of education beyond high school, 18.8% had an undergraduate degree and 6.3% had a postgraduate degree. View the executive summary of the  Labor Shed Analysis.
For the most recent labor market information and data for Workforce Region 13/Pottawattamie County, visit the Iowa Department of Workforce Development website.


Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) provides a variety of employee training and professional development course offerings to help businesses maintain their competitive position.

IWCC administers the State of Iowa jobs training programs including:

  • The Iowa New Jobs Training Program provides training funds to companies that expand their employment within the state of Iowa. These funds are used to train the company’s workforce, and thereby make the company more competitive.
  • The Iowa Jobs Training Program provides training funds to companies to train existing workers. Through the program, companies can train workers to learn new technologies, upgrade existing skills, and enhance their productivity in a variety of other ways.

IWCC provides customized training. Staff training consultants can help companies design training programs, and then deliver customized training in a very flexible format. Consultants have extensive experience in their fields, and have provided training and consulting to numerous companies throughout Southwest Iowa.

Visit the Iowa Department of Economic Development’s website for a comprehensive overview of State of Iowa employee training assistance programs.